YW Activity Ideas

Physical Activities/ Sports 
Aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, pilates
Bike ride
Dancing (Daddy-daughter, ballroom, modern, ballet, "Just Dance," or "DDR")
Frisbee Golf
Hike - sunrise, testimony, camp prep
Hockey (broom, roller, etc.)
Miniature golf (make your own course)
Roller skating/ Ice skating
Self Defense
Weight training

Life skills  
Meal Planning, Freezer Dinners, Baking basics
Recipe Swap
Budget dinner
Color dinner
Candy making, dessert contest, chocolate dipping
Baking - cookies, cakes, pies, bread, fortune cookies, casseroles, etc
Journaling, personal history, (Journal Jars)
FHE games, lessons
Floral arranging
Goal setting
Pizza making
Jewelry making
Basic auto maintenance (check oil, change a flat tire, fill windshield wiper fluid, etc)
Scrap booking
Learn sign language
Teach or tend children
Wood working - crafts, building, birdhouses (introduction to tools, mitering, designing, etc)
Make cards
Sewing, mending
Quilting (make own quilts or samplers/ tie a quilt for someone)

Art Appreciation
Drawing or painting basics
Visit a local art museum or exhibit 
Music - reading or leading music basics
Attend a local drama or musical event (school, church, community)
Learn calligraphy and make something using it
Cross stitch
Photography - black and white, composition, portrait
Write a book or play, make a movie
Paint/decorate t-shirts, pillowcases, hats, etc
Finger painting / color party

Personal Care
Beauty/grooming tips, makeovers
Modest Fashion show (modern, oldies, cultural, scriptural, etc.)
Bath Sachets

Social Skills and Interaction
BBQ, Bonfire, or Marshmallow/Hot dog roast
Board games
Breakfast social
Culture night w/ foreign foods and activities
Etiquette Dinner
Carnivals (Halloween, Christmas, summer, scripture, etc)
"Guess Who" - match baby pictures to people
Daddy-Daughter night (dance, dinner, games)
Mother-Daughter activities
Hollywood squares
Family Fued
Write letters to each other, missionaries, and/or military service men and women/ Send Missionary Packages
Make service baskets
Scavenger hunt / treasure hunt
Theme party (medieval, Hawaiian, movie-themed, etc)
Combine with Relief Society for their activity
Get-to-know you games
Local "Amazing Race"
"Fear Factor"
Dating Panel
"Clue" Live
Horse back riding
Water games

John 13:1-11 "Feet washing"
Paper bag Princess
Carnival of Life
Temple Wedding Collage / personal letter / future-self time capsule

Field Trips/ Educational and Service opportunities 
Hair and beauty schools
Care Centers
Prison / Drug treatment facility
Bishops Store House/ Welfare Square
Temple Visitors Center / Temple Square
Local museums and visitors centers
Church History tours (temple square, fort settlements,)
Food bank
Women's Shelter / Homeless shelters for families and teens
Local Events (corn mazes, charity auctions and fundraisers)

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