Why I Launched Serving LDS Youth

Several weeks ago a friend called me with some questions about theme ideas for her girls camp. Always eager to share my experience, I ventured into my closet and pulled out a bulging box bearing the simple handwritten label of "Young Women."

Two weeks later, I pulled the same box down in search of activity ideas to fill our Mia Maid calendar for the year.

And, that's when it struck me. I have a lot of ideas tucked securely in an overflowing box, why am I not sharing all of these?

As a wife, mother, and young women leader I sometimes feel like I'm needlessly reinventing the wheel. My husband too, as a long-time scoutmaster, seems to share my same problem. Together we have years and years of experience with the youth, and yet for whatever reason we find ourselves selfishly holding onto our "treasure" activities and experiences. At the same time, it seems we are always looking for new ideas.

My vision is simple: create a community where we can share our experiences with each other. Over the coming days and weeks (please be patient with me, I am a very busy mom, author, YW leader, and scouter!) I will begin to add some "meat" to this site. I will post our activities as the year unfolds as well as add details to the ones already listed.

BUT, I'm going to need some help!!! Crazy as it sounds, I can't do it all. This project is bigger than me... besides, I'm sure you've got plenty of ideas too. So, send me your ideas - your successes as well as your failures - so we can all learn from each other. And, if you're feeling really ambitious, please consider being a regular contributor.

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